kebetulan denger lagu ini di KaskusRadio 😀 sebenernya gw sukanya lagu/musik yang instrumental dan kebanyakan soundtrack anime atau film. Berhubung pertama kali lagu Cascada (One More Night) gw denger pas gw lagi fitness di gym Pesona Khayangan Depok deket rumah gw, gw jadi lumayan suka denger lagu Cascada yaitu One More Night sama Everytime We Touch.


Everytime We Touch

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
I still feel your touch in my dreams
Forgive me my weakness, but I don’t know why
Without you it’s hard to survive

‘Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling
And everytime we kiss, I swear I could fly
Can’t you feel my heart beat fast?
I want this to last
I need you by my side

Cause everytime we touch, I feel the static
And everytime we kiss, I reach for the sky
Can’t you hear my heart beat so?
I can’t let you go
I want you in my life

Your arms are my castle, your heart is my sky
They wipe away tears that I cry
The good and the bad times, we’ve been through them all
You make me rise when I fall


One More Night

You are all I can remember
After all that we’ve been through
Forever in my heart
Now I’m through
And truth is like November
Still can’t believe it’s true
Too long we’ve been apart

One more night
I wanna to be with you
Where I wanna to hold you tight
It feels so right, tonight
So leave it up to you
And I think the time is right to stop the fight

Why can’t true love be forever?
Why did my dream explode?
The day you went away
Cause I will keep this spell together
And wish you well of hope
Your girl from yesterday


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