The Pitiful Glass….of Hong

Once upon a time in faraway land,there were several hospitals. There were doctors, nurses,paramedics and also co-assistants. The co-assistants wandered everywhere, sometimes they were hungry,sometimes they were cold, sometimes they were empty-minded and sometimes they were sleepy. The co-assistants also sometimes parted with their beloved friends. Some needed to go to the land named Like Earth, some stayed in the small hospital called Glory of Soul and some others went to big hospital like Carolus and the Police.

That year was their starting year becoming a co-assistant and they would spend the Christmas and New Year only 2-days off duty. Some weren’t able to go back to their homelands and visited their families. The worse,they would spent the new year, writing task or studying for the exam. The most loneliest of all, would be spending new year by studying, waiting for broadcast of new episode in Indian TV series and sleeping. That co-assistant had a tea glass named Yawn,for it always yawning in the morning,afternoon and night.

Some co-assistants had their own glass by borrowing the glass from Yawn’s dormitory. There were glass named Cha, Hong and Aldy from Carolus, Dio, Nezzy, U-Lia and smoking-hot-Dev from the Police. Some co-assistant had brought their own glass,thus the glass were named Iben,Kopong and Echi. Because of their pitiful condition of the Chrismast, Yawn’s owner decided to make chocolate mug cakes to celebrate the Christmas and she gathered all the glass in her room.

Upon preparing the ingredients and tools, Yawn’s owner came to examine the glass named Hong and deemed it unworthy to be a place for the cakes. And She put the glass aside from his friends, lonely, small and pitiful, for he already smell the chocolate chips, the vanili essence, sugar and the flour. Yawn’s owner substituted him with another tough-like-glass. Soon, she started to mix the ingredients and cooked it in the microwave.

That new glass befriended Nezzy and they were filled with crushed oreo. Yawn’s owner crushed oreo in Hong with the butt of Vanilla essence bottle. There was, Hong got alienated and  received multiple kisses from the butt of Vanilla essence. But, Hong was happy because Nezzy received the oreo crushed within him.

It was time for the glass to be in the microwave so the mug cake was done. They suffered from heat and were reheated for the mixture wasn’t cooked enough. Iben, the new glass and Nezzy did so well,wheter echi and Dio went far beyond the margin that the cake grown like mountains. However, Hong could only see their outcome, for he was abandoned and couldn’t chat with other glass. There were also switching glass, because Yawn’s owner forgot  to divided it according to nutritional status. For example, Dio’s glass should came back to its owner because it contained the cake that rised like mountains, but it got switched with cha in the moment of rush.

And there again, Hong was alone, dirty with oreo dust and pitiful for not together with his friends. And no photos ever documented his existence.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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